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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  December 12, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> the funeral service for officer deriek crouse was held this afternoon on virginia tech campus. he was shot and killed in the line of duty last thursday. ross ashley shot him during a routine traffic stop. he killed himself a short time later. today, the officer was remembered as a man who died doing the job he loved. >> he was quiet. he was absolutely professional. he was well-trained. he was an instructor for others. he relished the dangerous missions. he was a prankster trying to get the best of his fellow s.w.a.t. team members to break the tension of a tense and difficult work police officers are called to do. >> officer deriek crouse leaves behind his wife and five children.
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we'll have a complete report coming up on news 4 at 5:00. president obama says our nation is doing on the iraq war. he met at the white house with iraq's prime minister. they went to a place that sadly symbolizes the huge u.s. investment in iraq. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: arlington national cemetery. almost nine years after u.s. forces invaded iraq sparked a civil war and set the stage for democracy. the iraqi president went to pay his respect s s to the american who invested the most. the iraqi national anthem. since 2003, 4,483 americans died in iraq. in a few days, almost all u.s. troops will be gone. >> we are here to mark the end of this war. to honor the sacrificed of all those who made this day possible and turn the page.
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>> reporter: president obama opposed the war. today, sounded like george w. bush. >> we think is successful democratic iraq can be a model for the entire region. >> translator: the goals we established have been achieved. >> reporter: were they? critics say no. >> is there any reason to must malachi? >> no! >> reporter: tom ridge at a protest outside the white house. iraq's closest ally now is iran. >> the single greatest terrorist organization in the world is iran. >> reporter: iraq is promising the training with u.s. forces. >> so iran doesn't think they have a free hand to rule the region. >> reporter: thanks to the sacrifice of americans, iraq will choose its own friends and go its own way. president obama will judge the wisdom of the u.s. going into
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war in iraq. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. breaking news in loudoun county. route 50 is closed between watson road and gum road. a concrete truck crashed into a car. one person is still trapped inside. crews were able to remove another person from the vehicle. route 50 will be closed for a long time. drivers expect major delays in that area. the supreme court will focus on controversial issues of the day. arizona's immigration law. heated debate around the country when it took effect last year. a federal judge blocked the most controversial provisions including immigrants to carry papers and another that allows them to arrest without a warrant. it's likely to take place in april.
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turning to the race to the white house now. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is on the attack as newt gingrich moves up in the polls. they are taking their message to voters today. brian mooar reports on the efforts to be the front-runner. >> reporter: gop presidential hopeful newt gingrich is turning up the heat in new hampshire. >> it will be an american campaign, not a republican campaign. >> reporter: he was running second in the state but gaining ground. he's forcing mitt romney to defend his home turf. >> he might hit the ground running, but not in the direction i'm going to go. >> reporter: he launched a new line of attack. >> why did he profit as freddie mac failed? >> reporter: he's challenging gingrich to give back consulting fees from freddie mac. >> he would like to give back all the money he's earned from
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bankrupting something. i bet he won't take the offer. >> reporter: they are hammering away at gingrich's record, too. >> newt gingrich doesn't have schedu skeletins in his closet, he's got a graveyard. >> gingrich is leading in south carolina and florida. romney hoped to have an early lock on the nomination. now, an epic battle that could stretch into june. on capitol hill, brian mooar, news 4. wall street is taking a hit. new concerns about the european debt crisis sent stocks diving. the dow fell 160 points. the s&p 500 fell. it follows comments that a debt deal worked out by european leaders wontd be enough to stave
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off an economic downturn. occupy protesters occupied the businessest ports. they targeted oakland, portland and san diego. they have become economic engines for the elite. their hope is to cut off the ports and cut into corporate profit. real chill in the air. how long is it going to stick around? veronica johnson can answer that question in the storm center. hi, veronica. >> this weekend, we went with a high temperature of 47 on saturday. sunday, 43. today, not much higher at all. it's been sticking around. feeling cold out. i don't know about you guys, but this weekend i went outside helping put christmas lights up. my fingertips were numb. today, again, quite cool with clouds moving through the area. here is a look at the radar and satellite showing the clouds making their way through. down to the south around
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richmond, a few light showers with an easterly wind. as far as the temperature goes, 44 degrees. we have a cold evening coming our way with a very light wind. as far as other locations around the area, 43 degrees now in gaithersburg. montgomery county, 46. you folks in charles county there. 46 in la play da. 45 in warrenton off to the west of the area. the good night forecast, a few clouds sticking around. they will clear out by tomorrow morning. heading down, once again, into the 30s. 38 degrees by 9:00. last night, and overnight, temperature that is dropped way down, starting off this morning in the 20s. not quite as cold. still, you are going to need the coat. temperatures higher tomorrow. we'll talk about the rain chances coming up this week. that's right, rain chances, not snow chances. we have a chance to pick up precipitation. we'll tell you what day that's
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going to fall on in a few minutes. >> thank you. internet retailers call this green monday. analysts say the second monday in december has become the online shopping day. it's a record day for shipping companies. it's an indication of an improved economy. >> reporter: it's been a busy online shopping season. that's translating into record setting numbers for the companies that ship the purchases. fedex expects to transport 17 million packages today, twice the normal volume. online analysts say the cyber shopping season is peaking right now. >> we might see the strongest day ever this week even surpa surpassing what we saw on cyber monday. >> reporter: it's an indication consumers are feeling better
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about the economy. they predict double digit growth in holiday spending. that translates into real numbers. >> thank you, dear. >> have a wonderful day. >> shipper u.p.s. hired seasonal workers to help. shutter fly, which earns half their revenue in the fourth quarter adds 1500 employees for the holiday. fedex will be up 18%. >> feeling better. consumer confidence is picking up a bit. we are seeing that in the spending numbers. >> reporter: procrastinators have plenty of time before the deadline. brick and mortar retailers expect heavy sales as shoppers look for bargains. it was a star-studded night in the district for the 30th annual christmas in washington concert. the first family got into the holiday spirit and sang with
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justin bieber and jennifer hudson. the concert took place at the national building museum. proceeds benefit the children's medical center. before the concert, the first family greeted patients dressed as elves and gave them a basket full of books. the concert will air friday on tnt. >> the elves were so cute. >> yes, indeed. when we continue, a movie flops at the box office. jennifer aniston makes the list of hottest women of all time. who men ranked in the top three. >> alec bald win apologizes to himself. american airlines is not laughing. billy bush joins us with the latest. outrage after a virginia
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woman lied for years about suffering from cancer.
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get ready for austin powers, the musical. that's right. actor mike meyers is in talks of turning it into a musical on broadway. he would be heavy in writing it, but not starring in it. he signed a deal to write and star in a fourth austin powers movie. it could reach theaters by 2013. lindsay lohan has her $5,000 purse back. whoever took it took the cash inside. she was at a party. she searched everywhere and had everybody searching for the bag. a man returned it to her but
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there was no money. lohan is due back in court this wednesday for a progress report. the hottest woman of all time. jessica simpson makes a deal that could help her lose her baby weight. alec baldwin talks about his incident on american airlines. billy bush is with us. >> tell us, baldwin, the last word after getting kicked off an american airlines flight because he wouldn't turn off his cell phone. he really got the last word? >> he wouldn't turn off the ipad. by now, the entire world knows this. it's hysterical. hugh grant, remember he got in trouble on sunset boulevard with a prostitute? he went on the tonight show and made fun of it. handle it with humor. baldwin did the same thing. he popped on to weekend updates
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with seth meyers. problem is, you know, you have to ask the question, did he do more harm than good? did he fan the flames? one of the pilots who flew with that exact same flight crew afterwards appeared on the "today" show. she said this is an outrage. it's not funny. it's serious business. flight attendants, if everybody harassed them, all chaos would break loose. that said, when alec baldwin puts on a moustache and comes on as a pilot apologizing, kind of funny. >> yeah, a little. >> i'll have to go back and see the tape of that. >> he is so funny. it's very funny. >> i can't wait to see him on there. tell us about the deal jessica simpson made to help her lose the extra weight she's gaining while expecting.
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>> she did a deal for 3 million bucks to join weight watchers. weight watchers have been going on forever. every hollywood magazine talks about baby weight, baby weight, how did she take it off. she's going to do it as an official. it's not fair ladies. when i was pregnant, i didn't have anybody giving me $3 million to take off the weight. anybody can take it off for 3 million. >> it's tough. >> we understand honorable actress is going to jennifer aniston. >> she was the hottest woman. at this time of year, most people put out celebrity lists, the top ten of the year. men's health magazine is putting out the hottest woman of all times. angelina jolie is number ten. you have madonna, marilyn
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monroe. this is what it says to me. if jennifer aniston is number one and angelina is number ten, men are, in fact, deep. we are not as shallow because it would be reversed because angelina is more the vixon. jennifer is the one to hike with and do yoga. she's a wing man. >> betty white didn't make the list? >> she's on my own personal list. >> she would be. >> all right, billy, finally, we want to ask you about a movie with a lot of a-listers in it but it flopped over the weekend. what gives? >> the holiday's come around and you get the most wonderful ingredients. take the whole day, this cinnamon burning slowly in your kitchen and you try to make the greatest christmas casserole. tons of a-list movies put together. you think you have the greatest
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list and it's a giant bunt cake, a fruitcake disaster. it's what new year's eve is. i'm sorry to say, because i love gary marshall. i don't know if we're going to see mother's day or fathers day or what's next. >> access tonight, we are going to the set in sweden of "girl with the dragon tattoo." a huge line of fans on the set. i hope you watch. >> we'll be watching. thank you billy. >> thank you. coming up on news 4, first lady michelle obama jumps into the record books. what could be the richest cat in the world. why it's roling in dough. we'll explain. we're back with 4g fridays.
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michelle obama is now a world record holder. her efforts last october to break the guinness record of the most number of people doing jumping jacks succeeded. she made the announcement today. some 300,000 people participated worldwide. that shattered the old world record. it's part of her initiative to shed pounds. >> it's a great way to stay warm. there was a viewer who wrote and said it's going to be cold this week. i guess it depends on what you are doing. you were out walking and you weren't cold. >> i wasn't. >> once you get moving. meanwhile, i talked to somebody in the news room, sitting out there for hours, she's never been so cold in her life. it all depends. it was cold. very, very cold. as far as the average, we are at 48 degrees.
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that's the average temperature for the day. all weekend long we were on the low side of the average. now, the rest of the week, yeah, we are going to be on the high side of that average. temperatures on the upswing. let's take a look and see what's going on. high clouds out there. close to a sunset at 4:46. we are currently at 44 degrees with a very light wind. out of the south at 3 miles per hour. the relative humidity is at 50%. the dew point temperature is going to head down into the 20s. last night, we had readings throughout the area in the 20s including right in d.c. a couple degrees higher for this overnight coming up. not quite as cold. still cold. 43 in gaithersburg. we have 44 degrees in d.c. mcclain, as well as marysville 43 degrees. clinton and bowie, 44 degrees. bundle up kind of weather.
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that's what we are looking at tonight. down to 37 degrees by 11:00 p.m. starting the day tomorrow, 5:00 a.m., 33 degrees. 7:00 a.m., 32 degrees. sun is up tomorrow at 7:18. look at the warm up. we get close to most neighborhoods tomorrow to around 50 degrees. state college at 40. richmond, virginia, 56. 54 in roanoke. it gets better as we move through the workweek in terms of more warmth in here. the reason for that, this area of high pressure, around ohio right now is going to slowly be making its way off to the east. eventually, off the coast. tonight, we see a few clouds early and clear out by tomorrow morning. 6:00 a.m., the area of high pressure. we continue tomorrow, slightly warmer with more of a northwesterly and eventually a southerly wind. the high on the backside of it. as we move through wednesday, we'll still be dry. we'll have warmth coming out ahead of the next weather front,
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which is due to bring rain to the area. it's not looking like a lot of rain at all. 38 to 42. a chilly evening for us for the evening. for tomorrow morning, mostly clear, seasonably cool, 27 to 33. again, another bundle up kind of night and morning headed our way. for tomorrow afternoon, sunshine. it's going to be nice, a chilly breeze for us. 46 to 51 degrees. here is a look at your forecast. a high of 50 expected on tuesday. 53 on wednesday and 57 degrees on thursday. so, that's nice. feeling good until the rain comes in on thursday. not a bad weekend. >> all right. thanks so much. >> thanks, veronica. conjoined twins in china are being prepare d for separation surgery. they are joined at the chest, stomach and share a liver. surgery will be difficult because they could have heart
4:26 pm
defects. they will undergo surgery in the next few days. doctors feel confident they will be able to successfully separate the twins. tonight, two make their debut. >> we watched her grow up in the white house. here is brian williams with more. greetings from our studio in new york. here is all you need to know about tonight's broadcast of rock center. for ted, something of a homecoming back to iraq where, of course, he covered invading u.s. forces at the start of the war. we'll show you what he discovered. for chelsea clinton, a return to her home state of arkansas. we'll meet a woman there making a difference. a jam packed broadcast for you tonight on "rock center." for now, back to you.
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>> "rock center" airs at 10:00 on nbc 4. still to come, will jerry sandus sandusky's lawyer make a plea deal. santa grants three children their christmas wish a little early.
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. the funeral took place this afternoon for officer deriek crouse who was killed thursday after making a routine traffic stop at virginia tech. he was a man who loved his family and his job. the man who shot him, a 22-year-old killed himself a short time later. police released no motive in the killing. as the u.s. withdrawal of troops in iraq winds down, president obama is meeting with iraqi prime minister. today, they went to arlington cemetery that marked the americans killed in the war. this is the day delivery companies have been preparing a year for. today traditionally marks the busiest shipping day of the year with cyber shopping and spending
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up, forecasters predict it could be busiest today. the dow jones closed in negative territory. disgraced former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is preparing to face his accuser in court tomorrow. >> allegations he sexually ab e abused him when they were children. jay gray has the latest from state college, pennsylvania. >> reporter: on the eve of his first hearing on more than 50 charges of child sexual abuse, we are getting a better idea of the defense strategy for sandusky. >> they are all following a similar pattern. >> reporter: the tearn suggesting the victims are working together toward a high dollar civil suit. >> what you are being told by people, in some cases involving at least one of the accusers, that's all they are talking
4:32 pm
about, what they want to do with all the money they are going to get. >> they dismissed the theory of collusion and cash. >> that's ridiculous. >> reporter: several victims are expected to testify. there are questions of whether a key witness will testify and what he might say. he told the grand jury he saw sandusky sexually assault a young boy? 2002. another witness, a mcquery friend testified he only heard sounds in the shower and asked him three separate times whether he saw sexual activity and each time, he said no. the highly charged hearing is getting a lot of attention. 1400 people entered a public auction for the 100 seats available in the courtroom tomorrow. jay gray, nbc news, state college, pennsylvania.
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sandusky's lawyer says they are not negotiating a plea. the former intern who rushed to the aid of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is beginning his career of politics. he rushed to her side and administered first aid until paramedics got there. he's on the board of the school district in the tucson area. a woman in virginia is accused of lying for years of having konser. authorities charged the 42-year-old of making money under the pretense she needed help with medical bills. they have evidence people gave her money because they believed she was suffering from cancer. there's no evidence of cancer treatment at any medical facility. one of her friends says she's angry. >> martha shared inspirational
4:34 pm
messages with me. to look back on that now, that she wasn't going through what she said she was going through is very upsetting. it makes you second guess everything. >> she was a fund-raiser for the american cancer society and participated in relay for life events. the money raised by her team went to its programs. santa came early for three south carolina children. there's only one thing they wanted for christmas. it just couldn't come soon enough. >> how about you? your daddy? how about you? >> my daddy. >> come here bryson. get together, close your eyes. close your eyes. let's wish real hard. you're peaking. merry christmas. >> daddy! >> daddy! >> santa delivers.
4:35 pm
he arrived home from the middle east. he was gone for five months, way too long for the kids. he's now home for two weeks. you can bet it's going to be a great christmas for them. great surprise. >> these stories always make me cry every time i see them. there's mor to come on news 4 at 4:00. drivers have a better idea how long it's going to take them to get from one spot on i-95 to another. one family goes all out went it comes to the christmas lights. my name is martha, african-american vet officer proudly serving with the afghanistan supreme court here in kabul, afghanistan. i would like to say warm holiday greetings to my family, my husband, my children in springfield, virginia. i love you guys.
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if you are cooking dinner and don't know which wine goes with a certain food, there's an app for that. >> there's an app for everything. wendy? >> hello veno. this is really cool. it's for you beginners who just want to -- you know, you like white or red. it takes you beyond that so you can hone those skins a bit. let's start with, you sit down, this is for your iphone and droid. sit down at a meal and say oh, what do i want.
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it's really cool. hello veno. cheers. back to you. >> cheers to you, too. that's a good one. >> thank you x wendy. when we continue, the talk in rome is about one rich cat. "fare factor" returns. why are some people scared? we look at the science behind it all. >> foodies on nbc washington nonstop. the guy that is started chi polt lay opened a new rrnd with a south asian twist. what they have to offer. then at 9:30, behind the scenes with cirque du soleil arena tour. no skates. no puck. no problem. how they are getting a start on [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum...
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we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. were you going to warm us up a little veronica? >> yes, i am. no mention of snow this week. >> okay. >> some people are hoping for a white holiday season, a white christmas. >> well, go to the ski resort. there's plenty around here. there's plenty of good ones, too. we are talking about a warm up this week. it will make some folks happy and some not so happy. let's head outside and see what's going on. we are looking at today, it's
4:45 pm
pretty chilly out there. 44 now. reagan national airport. we are talking about a cold evening coming our way as well. throughout the rest of the area, 46 up in rockville, maryland now. 45 degrees in college park. camp springs at 45, too. reston, mcclain at 42 degrees right now. everywhere looking at chilly conditions. by tomorrow morning, we are starting out 33 to 32 degrees. we have a few high clouds out there now. they are making their way out of the area. we'll have a lot of sunshine. a cold start 24. leesburg 22 to start. 21 in manassas and culpeper to start out. here is a look at what will take place tomorrow. clouds coming through the area. high clouds off to the west. sunny to mostly sunny day. wednesday, watch the clouds pushing in for wednesday we are
4:46 pm
partly sunny. thursday, we get rain. a high temperature tomorrow of 50. that's five degrees warmer than today. 53 on wednesday and taking it up to 57 degrees by thursday. the way it is looking right now, rain possibly for thursday probably is not going to come until late afternoon and evening. i do not think we are going to get a lot of rain at all from the system on thursday. a tenth, maybe a quarter inch of rain. friday, on the other side of the system, clouds hanging in. the high of 50 degrees. for the weekend, never too early to look toward the weekend, right? saturday, 45 degrees, partly sunny. more sunshine and 47, maybe a few neighborhoods south touching 50 degrees. pretty nice. >> is it only monday? >> i know. >> it will move along. >> thanks, veronica. bees all over your face.
4:47 pm
"fear factor" is back and goes to the extreme. it's tonight at 8:00. what is fear other than a feeling of being afraid. our friends learns. reports on what happens when something goes boo. here is mike taibbi. >> reporter: fear comes in many shapes and forms. what is fear, exactly? >> it's just our brain's experience of our body's chemistry. >> reporter: chemistry that is critical to survival. say you are in the woods and the bear rears up. >> it's life threatening and initiates a response. >> reporter: adrenaline, a hormone, is released into the bloodstream giving the body responses for flight or fright. the heart beats faster. more oxygen in the blood.
4:48 pm
blood vessels constrict and blood pressure goes up. activity in the stomach slows down. more energy can go to the muscles, enough to sometimes allow strength. >> the more adrenaline you have the more the effects will be felt. >> reporter: how can one hormone trigger all these responses? it's all in the molecular structure. think of a key that opens your front door, starts your car and unlocks your bike. adrenaline is the key that starts all those fear responses and prepares the body for fight, flight or fright. mike taibbi, nbc news. >> for more chemistry now, go to >> don't miss "fear factor" followed by "rock center." >> some people think fear is
4:49 pm
fun. >> for some people -- it's not. >> still to come, a christmas house spectacular. how many lights it takes to light up this property. plus, why a cat is the most popular animal in town. i'm wendy rieger. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, an emotional farewell to a fallen officer. also at 5:00, a unique approach to urban renewal. i'm tom sherwood on the rapidly redeveloping 8th street in northeast washington. here is something different. a developer asking what you would build. i'll have the story, coming up. how you could throw a holiday party with treats that look like they came from a gourmet bakery. coming up tonight at 6:00, a home improvement store is facing criticism after pulling an ad. it has the muslim community [ female announcer ] at,
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a family in croatia transformed their property into a winter wonderland. more than 1 million christmas lights. the display includes more than 112 miles of cord and took more than six months to set up. in case you are wondering, the electric bill comes to about
4:53 pm
$12,000. the tradition started in 2002 with just 70,000 lights. quite a spectacular sight. there's a lucky cat in rome today. he made a life of roaming the streets. the roaner left $12 million in their will for the cat. along with the money, the cat has his choice between three homes in rome and milan. she's been criticized for leaving that kind of cash to a feline considering italy's financial crisis. >> incredible. still ahead on news 4, drivers in virginia have a better idea how long their trip home is going to take. for all your news go online
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4:56 pm
starting today, drivers on i-95 in virginia have a better idea how long their commutes will be. billboards display estimated travel times. megan mcgrath has details and reactions. >> reporter: the sign says it all, route 234, 16 miles, 17
4:57 pm
minutes. it's critical information for drivers looking to avoid traffic. no need to bail out and take an alternate route today. the sign predicts smooth sailing. >> i think it's going to be helpful. it will help you be able to maneuver around the traffic out there and give you the chance to get off the road and take the back ways to work on time. >> reporter: v-dot activated seven electronic message boards between fredericksburg and the district with four southbound and three on the other side. it gives traffic information and delivers it in time to switch gears. >> if you are trying to take a detour, it's best to know if you are going to get to work on time, what other route you can take. >> i think it's a good idea. i hate sitting in traffic.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: the signs have their fans but there are skeptics, too. the back roads are just as jammed as 95. others think the signs will slow traffic. >> people can't drive and read the sign over their head. they slow down to read it. it will back up traffic more. >> reporter: the signs will be updated seven days a week from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the weekend. megan mcgrath, news 4. >> that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. ♪ the virginia tech community comes together to mourn. this time, they say good-bye to a police officer killed on campus. >> lawmakers take aim at flash
4:59 pm
mobs. many consider it a prank. a new bill makes it a felony with serious consequences. >> what is the next new business to open on h street? the developer is not sure. they are relying on neighbors to help make the decision. hello and welcome to news 4 at 5:00, i'm pat lawson muse. jim handly is off tonight. >> i'm wendy rieger. police are searching for a suspect involved in a shooting in the 1500 block of cameron crescent drive. >> a man was shot in the head a half hour ago. they were seen leaving the area in a truck. the victim is gravely injured. we'll have more information on this as it becomes available. now to a memorial for officer deriek crouse. he was shot and killed in a traffic stop, then the shooter taking his life. julie carey is live with more on the officer who was remembered as a family man who


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